Throwback: The Japanese Legends of the 90's

Throwback: The Japanese Legends of the 90's

Last week our buddy Brendan was itching to wash his Supra. We hadn't seen it out since the last time we went to the track together so we figured we make an occasion of it by bringing out Lerry's R32 to cruise. 

When we rolled up to the car wash, we spotted a super clean FD RX-7 and found the owner, John. He was there washing his car with his wife, who was washing her E46 M3. Our friend Kyle also was planning on coming to hang out with us and with three of the Japanese automotive legends present, we gave him a quick call and asked him to bring out his NSX.

An impromptu shoot with fellow car enthusiasts? These are the moments that we are mega thankful for. It really doesn't matter what you drive- being around fellow enthusiasts tends to result in some great memories.

They sure don't make them like they did in the 90's.

Photos: @daltonlsw
Words: @jaygiatien