The 5 Worst Things About Owning A Skyline: R32 Edition

The 5 Worst Things About Owning A Skyline: R32 Edition

The R32 GT-R is an awesome car. But let's be real, it's not perfect. It's got issues. We're often asked what its like to own and maintain Godzilla. Here's a list of the things we wish were different. Don't worry though, we love these cars. A larger list of what we love is soon to come.


1. Interior
The car is no lavish high quality clad machine. One of the places where we feel the R32 lacks is the interior. Although Nissan didn't intend for things to break; broken air vents, bubbling dashes, and falling headliner are common issues to look out for when checking out an R32. Gauges that read wrong, radios that don't receive frequencies (thanks to Japanese frequencies not working in the U.S.), and a clock that fails to tell time are other things that we address when we first get our cars. Ohh yeah, it sucks driving right hand drive into American drive-thru's too.

2. Engine/Transmission

Someone call OPEC because we need more oil. The R32's RB26 comes equipped with a less than adequate oil pump. Better upgrade to that Nismo when you get your R32 homies! The turbos are also easily maxxed out (not to mention the ceramic turbos). Better fly some overnight parts from Japan if you want to push some strong numbers... The five-speed transmission's gearing sucks too. It's freaking long. We don't remember the last time we hit fifth gear when were at the track. 

3. Chassis/Body

RUST RUST RUST. It's not Nissan's fault. Let's give Japan's weather some credit for this. When we're shopping for R32s this is one of the major issues that we look out for. Common areas of rust? Pinch rails, trunk channels, rear windshield wiper, the entire underside of the car. If you're in the market for an R32; be on the look out. FLEX FLEX FLEX. The chassis flexes more than your meathead friend at the gym. 99% of the R32s we've jacked up creak.

4. People

"OMG THATS A GTR!!!!!". We appreciate the love and enjoy sharing our cars with fellow enthusiasts, but there's always those few who will try to race or want to hear a rev (or 2-step). There are also haters too. If we got a dollar for every time we heard "that idiot spent $25,000 on a 25 year old car...", we'd have money for 100 R32s. 


5. Legalities/5-0

Getting these cars legal in the United States is a mission. You can't just buy them and throw them in shipping containers. There's stacks of paperwork and fees. Want the car California legal? Better have an extra $10,000 to get it registered right (and this is being VERY conservative). Most local law enforcement authorities are starting to recognize the car too. But hey, if you've got legitimate papers and don't drive like an asshole then you'll be ok right?