SoCal's Skyline Heaven: International Vehicle Importer's Open House

SoCal's Skyline Heaven: International Vehicle Importer's Open House

If you're in the market for a Skyline and you're a resident of Southern California, chances are you've heard of International Vehicle Importers. The team at IVI are the ultimate gurus of bringing in vehicles from afar. Although there are more and more people figuring out how to bring Skylines into the United States these days- these are the guys with the most experience. They do it the right way, and they're the name we say when asked for a recommendation. 

This past Sunday, they invited us to the Open House event at their Cypress office, a new location that will serve as an office as well as a garage for them to carry out their inspections. Eager to see the new digs we were quick to say yes. They saved some space for us in their parking lot too, so we loaded up our booth and got there nice and early in the morning.

As we pulled up to their lot, they already had what is a small portion of their inventory lined up for display

We're not kidding when we say that this is SoCal's Skyline heaven

Hakos, R32s, R33s, and R34s. The event had a good representation of all Legacy Skylines

This Grigio Telesto painted R32 had us drooling and we were tempted to write a check to buy it

IVI also brings in other cars as well

Check out the cute exhaust on the Cappuccino!

The garage played fortress for a few FDs

And of course, more Skylines

A pair of clean EGs

An immaculate R32 and FD on the lift being prepped for sale

Before the event officially started, crowds and cars came rumbling through. There was plenty of parking on the streets and their neighboring businesses had plenty of parking as well. We took a quick stroll through the lots and found more awesome eye candy.

R35s came out to hang too

A pair of Supras and an S14 done extremely well

Cant ever go wrong with a set of Longchamps or Nismo wheels for that OG look

Concave TE37s on a Z32? YESSSSSSSS

This black R32 had a fat single Turbonetics snail hanging off it

No joke, it was fat

People thought it was Xzibit, but it was Gary that rolled up in the green machine R33 


Four doors and on the floor

Tokyo Doggie Style was there to provide the good grub

Jacko showed up with two kiddie seats in the back 

Back in the lot and garage people were hanging out and talking cars. A big thanks to everyone who came by the Skyline Syndicate booth to hang out and pick up some merch!


More racecar

With nicely positioned monkey bars in the back

It was an awesome afternoon and we thank the team at IVI for hosting and displaying really awesome eye candy. If you're looking to buy a car from overseas, these are the guys to call. We'd like to congratulate them on the new location and wish them continued success! Can't wait for the next event. 

Words: @jaygiatien
Images: @jaygiatien