All-new Skylinq Smart App

All-new Skylinq Smart App

Skylinq Smart App brought to you by Skyline Syndicate and Garage Saurus

After long development periods we are proud to introduce Skylinq. Bring your Skyline GT-R up to date with the latest technology and monitoring system easily accessible right through your phone. Available only for iOS with Android in development. We even back it with worry-free maintenance and Skyline rentals that you can schedule right on your phone (we'll pick up your car and drop it off too)

Key Highlights:

  • Worry free maintenance by Saurus USA
  • Rent Skyline GT-R race cars for track so you don't have to destroy yours
  • Skylinq for GT-R full monitoring

App Features:

  • Remote start
  • GPS tracking
  • Check fuel and octane levels
  • Activate seat eject
  • Locate other skylines
  • Remote plate switcher
  • Check engine health
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • ...and more

Available only on April 1, 2019 so get your Skylinq now in the link below!

Happy April Fools 

Sorry we wish this kind of product existed too. Maybe we'll actually make it?