Shop Spotlight: Nismo Omori Factory

Shop Spotlight: Nismo Omori Factory

No trip to Japan should ever be considered complete without a visit to Nismo Omori Factory. Despite having visited a few times before we always make the effort to check out their current projects and spend some hard earned money. 

Our last time to Japan was in September for R's Meeting at Fuji Speedway. It was there that we caught up with Nismo's staff to tell them about the R's Day back in the States. In true Japanese fashion, Hoshi-san from Nismo invited us to visit the Omori Factory, so a few days later, we hopped on some trains, and walked through the September rain to check out some beautiful hardware.

Immediately after entering through the doors, we were greeted by a wall-hung R390 GT1 Racecar display

Before checking out the immaculate work area, we walked through the showroom to check out what was on display. 

Keep the Dream Alive - The #22 R33 GT-R LM

If numbers could be retired, Nissan and Nismo would rightfully own #23

If collectibles are more your thing, there were plenty of those on display too

Along with displays of legendary race gear

Nismo-fettled daily drivers? Yes please

BRB, looking for shells to put some R2 engines in...

We spent quite some time going through what they had for sale. On this particular trip we were able to score a fresh set of NISMO floor mats for one of our R32s

The cleanest shop space we've ever come across

Always a great time when we visit Omori Factory. Stay tuned for more shop visits!

Photos: @jaygiatien
Words: @jaygiatien