Shop Hangouts: Skyline Syndicate & Saurus USA Potluck

Shop Hangouts: Skyline Syndicate & Saurus USA Potluck

A couple of weeks ago, Hayashi-san from Garage Saurus Japan came to California to put the finishing touches on the first Saurus USA build. Assembled in Japan by Hayashi-san himself, the engine was shipped over and Fujita-san was quick to get the engine into the bay. With the installation and tune complete; we organized a small potluck to celebrate the build and show Hayashi-san a small slice of the American Skyline community.

It's always good to get the group together as schedules and priorities usually dictate otherwise. On this day, everyone was excited to see the the level of work that Garage Saurus is famous for and visit our shop to see the recent remodel. 

More on this in a later post

The Aeromotions active-aero wing going back on 

Hayashi-san also tuned PANDA-R on this trip to California

We're mega excited to see this shakedown at the track soon

But first, some pulls up and down the street

More than just Skylines at the shop when we hang out

Guess what color that blue is...

Hayashi-san sees potential

A quick lecture from the two masters

Yes, Millenium Jade was present

Coilovers are being installed soon

We love it when collector items get used

Still guessing what color blue this is?

It's actually a factory Mazda color

Good times with good people

We'e got some more shop hangouts coming soon. We'll be covering some of the work we do with Saurus USA. Let us know what you'd like to see!
Words: @jaygiatien