Shop Hangouts: Garage Saurus Wrench Session

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Shop Hangouts: Garage Saurus Wrench Session

With Garage Saurus gradually getting set up in California, I figure it would be a good opportunity to share some regular day shenanigans at the shop. As we progress through 2019 I hope to share high quality and detailed content while also providing glimpses of the smaller moments with cars. Hopefully, this will include you all into the journey rather than just presenting you a 'finished product'. In this installment of Shop Hangouts, Lerry, Tim, and I came out to the shop to hang with Fujita-san as he replaced and starter and a pair of axles on a customer's car.

This customer's car has been repainted in what looks to be Porsche's Mars Red. It looks mighty fine

You could throw on as many performance parts as you wish, but your car won't work without proper maintenance. Here's one of the old axles and the new starter

Always interesting to get insight on even the presumably insignificant details. Fujita-san pointed out to us that the new starter is larger and a much better replacement for what was originally installed on the car. Having wrenched on RB's and SR's for countless years, he's accumulated a wealth of knowledge on what works best

Garage Saurus will be moving into a new shop in a few months. For now, things are being worked on in a small temporary garage

Chris' car is here without an engine so we threw in a 1JT-GTE good for 1manpower. Look out for updates on this project. It's going to be truly special

That's it for now. I'll share more Shop Hangouts soon.

Words and Images: @jaygiatien