Shop Hangouts: Dustin Gets HKS Racing Suction Intakes

Shop Hangouts: Dustin Gets HKS Racing Suction Intakes

First off- apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. We've been swamped with a few projects in which we'll eagerly announce in the next few months. Amongst it all we're still wrenching on Skylines though! Most recently, Lerry lent a hand to Dustin on an intake install. If you're not familiar with Dustin, make sure to check out his YouTube channel. He's a car enthusiast that bleeds gasoline and alongside his current builds (a monster Evo and beast of a WRX) is his most recent acquisition; a black pearl metallic R32 GTR from Toprank Motorworks.


It all started last Thursday, Dustin was able to get a brand new HKS Racing Suction intake system for his car and cruised over to Lerry's house for an install. The two were able to get a majority of the stock system out and the new system put together but ran into some unique RB roadblocks. Check out part one of the install on Dustin's vlog below:

One video call later, Fujita came to the rescue with some specialty tools. They were able to bolt it all up to get the car running but, there was an issue... It was getting late into the night and the car was still driveable so Dustin arranged time with Fujita to come by the shop on Sunday so that Fujita could take a proper look and get it installed right. 

Day 1,534 they still don't know that I'm not a GTR

Of course it wouldn't be Sunday hangout without some other friends rolling by. Gary brought out his car fresh off a new rebuild and set up tune. On E85 the car currently puts down 620hp at the wheels. After a few break in miles, he'll be getting the car fine-tuned so expect some higher numbers soon. 

Even with all the fireballs that expelled from his exhaust, Gary's bumper still stay clean

Work in progress

A short time after, Tim and Lerry showed up with milk teas #BecauseAsian. Chris also showed up with snacks and libations from Japan. They were f**king bomb.

I swear it wasn't a car show

We recent installed a Recaro RSG seat into Lerry's car. Big people can no longer drive it

Having the right tools means everything to getting the job done right

Hasegawa, Kitagawa, Sigma

After a quick plug-in with Fujita's special Nissan ECU diagnosis gadget, Fujita's suspicions were confirmed and he discovered that a re-circulation pipe was missing. Moments later, everything was properly installed and the car was once again running like a champ. Check out Dustin's video below to check out our fun Sunday afternoon. 

Never a dull moment at the shop. We're excited to see Dustin's car further progress. A short blog post for tonight and a promise; more news is coming...

Wrenching Wizard: @fujita.fujita7
Car and Videos: @dustiinw
Words and Images: @jaygiatien