Saurus USA: Shop Visitors Part 2 - Two R32s and a Very Special R34

Saurus USA: Shop Visitors Part 2 - Two R32s and a Very Special R34

In this installment of shop visitors, we highlight a pair of long term Saurus USA builds and a very special R34. While customers come in for short turnaround jobs, we also have been balancing the time to work on a few long term projects. Check back often as we continue to bring you updates of these two R32s.

We’ll start off with the first Saurus USA demo car. This car is fitted with a complete engine rebuild from Garage Saurus Japan. Initially built to be installed in one of Hayashi-san’s personal cars, the engine was assembled in Japan and shipped to California for the first Saurus USA build. The engine is a complete bottom to top build featuring 100% brand new components. Key features of the engine block include a HKS 2.8L Step 2 stroker kit, WPC treated components, and an upgraded oil management system consisting of a Garage Saurus oil pan and HKS oil pump kit. Up top the VCAM head features HKS step 2 cams, Garage Saurus port and polish, Garage Saurus metal head gasket, Tomei Japan head studs and race valvetrain. 

Inducing air to convert to power are HKS intakes, and a Garage Saurus special intake manifold. Exhaust gasses are expelled through a HKS downpipe and a HKS Super Turbo exhaust. The ignition system is handled by Okada direct coil packs, and fuel is delivered via a HKS fuel rail.

The owner regularly takes the car through its paces at racetracks around the country so peak power was not the highest priority when tuning the engine. Currently the car’s is tuned to the song of 600hp and features a consistent linear power band throughout the rev range. It really doesn't stop pulling.

A track focused car needs more than good power and this car has not cut any corners. Notable items include Aragosta coilovers, Ikeya Formula arms, Rundance 8 piston front and 6 piston rear calipers, and Volk Racing ZE40s wearing Bridgestone's RE71R rubber. The trick party piece of the car is the Aeromotions Active Aero Wing. Featuring supercar technology, the wing is hooked up to sensors to actively adjust the AOA based on speed as well as serve as an airbrake under heavy braking. We’ll be shaking the car down at the Laguna Seca in a couple of months, so stay tuned for more.

Next up we have Lerry’s white R32. As the second demo car for Saurus USA, this build represents something that is more streetable while being highly capable for some fast laps on the circuit. Eventually this car will also become more track focused with aero, but for now, the progression of this car will be made to exemplify Garage Saurus’ high performance street car knowledge.

The car features a plethora of HKS Kansai and Garage Saurus parts. Garage Saurus catalog items include titanium strut tower and hood prop, power steering tensioner, exhaust, and a Garage Saurus tuned HKS Fcon V-Pro 3.4 ECU. While Hayashi-san was recently in town, he also adjusted the HKS Hipermax I coilovers. They initially felt old and dated, but after Hayashi-san’s adjustments, the car is now more comfortable and handles much better. Connecting the car to the ground are a set of Volk Racing TE37Vs wearing super sticky ADVAN A052 tires.

To close out Part 2 of the shop visitors, we present to you guys a real treat. This customer recently brought to our shop his Millennium Jade R34 M-Spec Nur. Only 300 Millennium Jade R34s were ever produced, and 144 of them were M-Specs. In for an installation of a set of Ohlin DFV coilovers, Fujita-san set the car at more aesthetically pleasing ride height.

We’ll continue to provide updates on the shop cars as well as share other cars that come through the shop. Thanks for joining us as we continue to wrench!