GTR 101: The Basics - Oil, Oil Filter, Oil Pump, Fuel, Fuel Filter, Spark Plugs

GTR 101: The Basics - Oil, Oil Filter, Oil Pump, Fuel, Fuel Filter, Spark Plugs

Welcome to our new series of blog post. In GTR 101 we cover the intricacies of GTR maintenance and modifications. We hope that we can share insights into the life of GTR ownership and that this section of the site can serve as a library of information for all things GTR. Luckily for us Fujita-san of the legendary RB shop Garage Saurus Japan will be providing us with his knowledge.

To keep these short and to the point, most of the information provided in this series will be tailored more to R32 and R33 applications. Feel free to reach out to us for R34 info if you need any help!

There's no point in making horsepower if the powertrain isn't healthy. In this installment, we cover the basic things that will help ensure longevity and efficiency of the RB motor. There's plenty of thought processes and opinions on this so don't treat this like the Bible, but through testing and our own experiences, here's what we feel is best. 



Moty's - M-114 10W-40 (street) & 10W-40 with 15W-60 mix (track)

Wako's - 5W-55 (track)

Mobil1, Castrol EDGE, Motul - 10W-60

OEM - 7.5W-30

Most commonly, people use 10W-60 from various brands in their engines as they are commonly available and proven to be a consistent performer for street and mild track use. For most of our builds, we've use a special blend of Moty's exclusively available through Garage Saurus in the USA. 


Oil Filter

Greddy - OX-03

HKS - 52009-AK011

K&N - HP-2008

Mobil1 - M1-208

WIX - 51361

OEM - AY100-NS007

Most tuned applications we've come across run Greddy filters. HKS units are also really common as well. For a more of the shelf solution K&N, Mobil1, and WIX can be easily found. 


Oil Pump

HKS - 15003-AN001

Tomei Japan - 193035

Greddy - 13526000

Nissan OEM N1 - 15010-24U01

We suggest the HKS oil pump if you plan on building your engine, Garage Saurus have an no issues with them. Tomei and Greddy are also good options. Nissan N1 oil pumps are common replacements when the original ones fail and are more commonly installed on cars that have just gone through scheduled maintenance and repairs.



In Japan - 100

In US - 91 Pump, 100 from 76 (In California)

Japan's octane scale isn't on the same as other countries, 100 in Japan is the equivalent of 95 in the US. For owners in the California, it's ok to use 91 but you obviously wont be getting the most out of your engine. In California, we like to fill 100 at the 76 gas station- especially for track days. Depending on where you live, it'll be a good practice to fill with the highest available octane at your gas station. 

Fuel Filter

OEM 16400-72L00, 16400-72L05, 16400-72L15

OEM is best, there is no need to get anything else.


Spark Plugs

NGK - R7435-10

OEM - NGK - PFR6A-11

The NGKs R7435-10 are expensive, but worth it for high power applications. For mild applications, Use the OEM PFR6A-11's, for an affordable and more mild street driven car.


We hope that you found the information helpful. In our next installment we go through the menu of the car's vital fluids. Be sure to visit the site frequently, we will be uploading new content to help you ensure that your GTR stays healthy as well as makes horsepower.

Words: @jaygiatien