GARAGE SAURUS Build Spotlight - Part 1: The 700hp R33 GTR

GARAGE SAURUS Build Spotlight - Part 1: The 700hp R33 GTR

For all things, knowledge and experience comes as time goes by. Time changes circumstances and automotive performance is no exception to the rule. Motorsport and automotive fashions trend, and in most cases what once was pertinent information becomes outdated. Most brands rise and fall within their industry, yet there are instances in which a brand has overcome the test of time.

Looking back; my waking moments consisted of me being glued to my computer screen and magazines to watch and read about legendary Japanese workshops. Top Secret, MCR, JUN, Powerhouse Amuse, and Mine’s were among the long list of tuning houses that I admired and followed. Their words were gospel, their expertise respected, and their performance was remarkable.

One name that I admittedly did not know much about was GARAGE SAURUS. Back then, publicity wasn’t as easy to obtain as it is today. The internet was 56K dial-up, YouTube didn’t exist, and the # was still referred to as the “pound sign”. As time went by- more information found its way to me and I quickly learned that  GARAGE SAURUS is a name that can beat the test of time. 

Based out of Saitama, Japan, GARAGE SAURUS has deep roots in drag racing. Specializing in RB motors, they are accredited to an array of powerful and reliable GTR builds. Going fast in a straight line is not the only thing that they are good at though. Through time they have applied their key learnings and have developed new ways to ensure that cars can corner at insane speeds or are capable of being reliable street driven monsters. Flying the flag for GARAGE SAURUS in Canada is Fujita-san. In Vancouver he has managed to set up shop for service and builds for Canadian Skyline owners. From Japan he brings over 30 years of experience and it is an honor to have him work on our cars. Lerry and I could not pass up the opportunity to spend some time with Fujita-san during our recent trip to Vancouver. Spending an afternoon with him opened our eyes. Amongst much else- we learned what and what not RB engines liked, how to navigate through the engine bay and chassis, and trivial GTR specific things.   

In future blog posts I’ll highlight Fujita-san’s work on our cars, but for this and the next post, I’ll be highlighting two of his prized possessions: the purple SAURUS R33 GTR and the white SAURUS R34 GTR.

Like most of the SAURUS street builds, the exterior of this purple car features a rather sedate exterior. Aside from the vinyl graphics and NISMO exterior additions, the car looks relatively ‘normal’. Beneath the skin of the car is where it begins to get interesting.

Lurking under the hood is a fully built RB26 featuring the HKS Step 2 2.8L stroker kit with HKS 275 intake and exhaust cams. With additional HKS and Tomei supporting fixtures, the block bolts up to a SAURUS TRUST 46mm manifold with a TRUST T78 turbo and Type C wastegate to process boost. Spent gasses expel to the atmosphere via a TRUST downpipe, SAURUS piping, and a HKS muffler. Fuel delivery is handled by a fuel rail, fuel pump, and fuel pressure regulator courtesy of TOMEI working in-sync with SARD 1000cc injectors. Making sure that all things operate at optimal levels is a HKS F-Con V-Pro ECU tuned by the masterminds at SAURUS. Along with a well developed intake and cooling system, the car puts down a reliable 700hp at the wheels in its current boost setting.

Like the engine bay, the interior has also been given the SAURUS touch (sorry I forgot to take pictures). Driver and passenger are kept safe in RECARO bucket seats and all occupants are protected by a SAURUS 6pt roll cage. The driver receives feedback from the road through a MOMO 350mm steering wheel, and information is displayed on a NISMO 320km/10,000 RPM cluster, HKS gauges, and a HKS lap timer.

Ensuring the car’s handling can cope with the high bump in power are SAURUS coilovers, NISMO arms and mounts, CUSCO sway bars, front tension bar, rear tension rods, front upper links, and HICAS delete. Sitting on Racing Titanium blue Advan GTs wrapped with RE71Rs, the car easily comes to a halt with BREMBO 6-piston F50 front calipers and BREMBO 4-piston rear calipers that clamp on SAURUS 285mm front and 255mm rear rotors.

Altogether, the selection of parts selected for this car make up a high performance machine. For those interested, the car is currently for sale and international shipping can be arranged. For more details, feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries. Stay tuned for a spotlight on the R34.

Words and images: @jaygiatien