Vancouver to SoCal: Driving an R32 Down the West Coast

Vancouver to SoCal: Driving an R32 Down the West Coast

A few decades ago, road trips were common occurrences. Before airfares got cheap, and when we were broke (we're still broke), jumping into the car and driving a great distance towards our destination was the way we traveled.

Lerry's (@spaceh1ppo) car was recently shipped up to Vancouver for some inspection and maintenance work at Garage Saurus. While it would have been easier on our sleeping patterns to organize shipment back, he and I took the opportunity to fly up to spend some quality time with the Canadian family.

I touched down at Vancouver International Airport at 1:00am Friday morning. Lerry was supposed to arrive around the same time but his outbound flight was canceled. It would be at 10:30am that his alternate flight would arrive, so I took a nap at Vic's (@vfx_artist) apartment and returned to the airport later in the morning to pick him up in his own car.

Panda R ready to go pick up it's late ass owner

Our plan was to hang out in Vancouver on Friday and briefly on Saturday morning before starting the 21 hour drive back down to SoCal. While everyone was busy with work during the day time, Lerry and I decided to head over to Garage Saurus for an oil change and powersteering belt change for the long drive home. More to come about Garage Saurus later. We had a great time hanging out and prying the mind of Fujita-san (@fujita.fujita7). Having worked on Skylines for more than 30 years, he had more knowledge of Skylines than we could have ever imagined.

Godzilla ate Japan...

Lerry's turn for some service

Where the magic happens

I can't wait to show you more of these two monsters

With the maintenance work done it was time to head over to Charles' (@cw_unit) house to meet up with more of the gang. Charles was finishing up installing some sideskirts on his white R34 and we took the time to check out the two GTRs that he had tucked in his garage.

Sometimes, the driveway is the best place to wrench...

Especially when there's two more Rs in the garage

Freshly painted front end ready for some scars

His R33 is for sale. Contact Charles for the details!

Charles has a collecting habit that we fully support

Hin (@r32mmh) arrived a short time later. After recent engine work and a dyno-tune, he had taken his car off of the ridiculously expensive Canadian insurance policy and put his car into storage for the wet Canadian winter. But because he's a down-ass motherfucker, he purchased one-day insurance so he could drive the car out to hang out with us. Some chitchat was had and it was time to head out to dinner. 


...motherfucker #DLLMotorsports #SquatGoals

Hin's R32 wasn't thirsty

This cool sil-eighty pulled up to the gas station as well. The owner knew Charles, because who doesn't know Charles?

Bingo (@bingosuka), Walter (@walter.lance), and Vic were at the restaurant waiting for us. After some bombass Chinese food, it was time to continue being Asian. We cruised down the street for some bubble tea and ended the night.

Hardparking like it's a car show

"It's crazy how an old Nissan with four tailights can bring people together" - Bingo

The next morning we had brunch with Charles and his wife before starting the journey home. With the temporary registration posted on the car, we headed straight to the border.

We got pulled over once for not having plates #ridindirty

I must say, while the drive was long, the scenery from the Canadian border was beautiful. Washington and Oregon's tree-lined highways were a welcomed sight. Lerry drove the first stint and we were able to make it to Portland in under six hours without an issue. After a quick dinner it was my turn to drive and we continued down the highway for another ten hours until we got to Fremont, CA for  breakfast. Exhausted from the night drive I took a 15-minute power nap before Lerry drove the last six hours down to SoCal.

A Trolli shift boot is the secret to maximum speed

Our quick weekend trip was over by Sunday afternoon. Packed with tons of great memories, we were glad that we decided to drive the car down the west coast. Although over 25 years old, the car handled the trip without a single issue. It's a true testament to engineering and proper maintenance and we would not be afraid to do it again.

Me, Lerry, Fujita, Bingo, Vic, Charles, Hin, and Walter took the picture 

A special thanks to our Canadian friends for the hospitality. We cant wait to be back up there to hang out again. Stay tuned for the post on Garage Saurus!

Words and Images: @jaygiatien