Coverage: R's Meeting 2017 - The Show

Coverage: R's Meeting 2017 - The Show

There is no denying that this event is a must-go for die-hard GT-R enthusiasts. Consisting of a reported 83 booth/vendor displays, household Japanese tuning legends such as MCR, HKS Kansai, Nismo Omori, Auto Select, Top Secret and Do-Luck Racing Service came out with a multitude of their builds. Having connected with personnel from some of these companies before, it was great to exchange words - even though our Japanese is terrible- and talk on their upcoming projects. 

As we walked and visited each vendor, we couldn't help but imagine the selection of parts that we would have on our wishlist for our current and future GT-Rs. Aftermarket parts manufacturers RECARO, BBS Japan, MOTUL, TOMEI were among many others who brought out products to showcase and sell. Whether your motive was to see the caliber of Japan's top tuners, or snag the latest parts for a deal - it was all there for you in the show area.

It was easy to tire after walking through the rows of display cars and booths, and while there were groups of people hanging around each others cars in the parking lots, there was also an area to rest that housed the stage area flanking the show area. The stage hosted a series of panels and interviews. Once in a while there were some games which also kept the crowd in high spirits and entertained throughout the day. 

A short stroll away were the grandstands that overlooked the front straight of Fuji Speedway. It is here that most people would find themselves spending the latter half of their day. As the GT-R's went out in run groups to tackle the Fuji course, tuners and privateers showcased their creations in movement for all to see. Seeing R32's pull on modfied R35's was definitely a treat and it solidified the everlasting enthusiast for the legacy Skylines and the amount of respect that GT-R owners had for each other. Before the parade lap, a drag strip was set up and tuners were able to see how fast they could cover 1320ft. This drag strip proved popular for attendees this year, and although drag strips no longer exist in Japan, there was a great sense of enthusiasm and nostalgia in the grandstands.

While rain was expected throughout the day, a light shower did not cover the event until 4:00pm. Some vendors had started tearing down their displays, and those who had a long drive home ahead of them departed. The rain did not wash out the event though, and the majority of people disregarded the shower. Stayed all the way until the end, proving their passion for the GT-R.