Coverage: Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle

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Coverage: Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle

The Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle is an event that tends to evade our calendars. Although we religiously follow time attack racing and have a few friends competing every year, we fail to attend due to work constraints. This year, with Fujita-san of Garage Saurus interested in attending, we requested a day off our jobs and buckled up at 5:00A.M. to make the drive out to Buttonwillow Raceway Park.

While we could go see these cars at a parking lot meet, car show, or in a shop, we were excited to see them at wide open throttle and we knew the weather would be a great setting for some fast times. Between watching the run group sessions we also spent a few hours walking around the paddock catching up with friends and giving them our best wishes. It was great seeing them wrench and wheel their cars and it inspired us to sign up for our next track day ASAP. 

The following are a few pictures and details of our favorite cars participating at the event.

The Evasive Motorsports HKS CTR was out putting down some fast laps. With Robert Walker at the wheel the car lapped CW13 with a 1:55.726 earning a 2nd place finish in the Street FWD class

Of course fast times don't immediately happen out of the box. They spent a lot of effort on gathering data and setting up the car to perform at it's best

We didn't expect to see Skylines at the track so this was a real treat. While we were there the Kevin Parlett & Savanna Little GTS-T was getting put together for some laps 

Wingstands through the trunk means serious business

A car we were on the hunt to see was Amir's NSX. We spent half our time at the track asking ourselves "where the eff is Amir?" Alas, tucked away in a half closed garage was the Midnight Purple NA1 being put together

The car had actually arrived at the track incomplete and it was all hands on deck by Amir and his friends to get car together and running. Even though it takes one set of hands behind the wheel to drive a car, what transpired was a proof that it takes the effort of many to put together an amazing machine. Sleepless nights and a few set-backs didn't stop these people. Kudo's to you all


At any given time I counted two people under the car, one person in the engine bay, someone wiping the car down, and Amir running his mental checklist over and over. Also it was cool to see Robb taking pictures of something that isn't Nissan or Hot Wheels related haha

In the garage next door was Ryan's Motorsports Hardware LS-powered E36. We've seen this car run extremely fast before and it now sports a new and more powerful engine build. Its looking fantastic with the aero, Titan7 wheels, and Yokohama A052's as well 

If aerodynamics is what gets you pumped, look no further. 949Racing is here to satisfy your needs. The team was making adjustments throughout the two days of competition and session after session they were testing their aerodynamic theories. Their best time of the event? A 1:44.841. I repeat, A FREAKING 1:44.841. Earning them 1st place in Unlimited RWD class. Yes, a Miata lapped fastest in a class that consisted of cars such as a C63 AMG, Dodge Viper ACR, and 911 GT3...

This Bulletproof Automotive clad Nismo R35 GT-R competed in Limited AWD class

Before leaving the track we decided to do one more lap around the paddock. It was definitely worth it because at that moment Kyle was unloading his R34 out of the trailer

With a freshly rebuilt engine in the car, he used the event as a test-and-tune day. We cant wait to see this thing at full-tilt

Spoon Sports USA brought out a Super Taikyu S2000 race car and Dai Yoshihara was wheeling it around the track. Never did I think I would see a JDM racing legend playing in a field of US built race cars

Unfortunately we had to leave the track early to attend to some other engagements back in LA and OC. Congratulations to all the participants and a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to catch up with us at the track. Hopefully we can come back next year with a car.

Words and Images: @jaygiatien