Behind The Scenes: The Skyline Syndicate Launch Event

Behind The Scenes: The Skyline Syndicate Launch Event

"Rome wasn't built in a day"- as cliche as it is, there are few truer words to associate the journey of the Skyline Syndicate. In the few weeks that have passed since the launch event, we've had the chance to regroup, concept and plan the next steps. But before we make any announcements, we want to share with you a few of the moments that led to the event as well as some things you may have missed from the event itself. There won't be many car pictures in this blog post, but if you're keen to find out more about the people and the things we did to make the event happen- read on.

Dalton photographing Brendan's booty

Made in the USA and hand assembled and packaged at our HQ

The printed Gojira sticker- ready for release

Months and months of planning and production went behind the launch of the Skyline Syndicate. Early mornings and late nights were spent designing, producing and packaging items that we felt would be a worthy tribute for all Skyline enthusiasts. With countless hours of web building, planning and production of the merchandise, and photo shoots in various locations, we were ready to direct our focus to the launch event.

Muoi posing with the Generations Tee

Amir wearing the R34 while standing behind an R34 #inception

Collectible Packaging #TubeZilla

For us, the day of the launch event started off at 6:00am. Having spent the whole night packing tubes, assembling keychains and reviewing layouts for the event, we had only two hours of sleep. Despite feeling the fatigue, we were excited for what was to come and the adrenaline fueled us on. The roles were set- Lerry, Caroline, and Vic were to handle warehouse vehicle staging and the booth. Brendan and Tim were to handle the parking lot while Dalton and Jerry were to capture as many moments as possible. Meanwhile, I would pedal around on a Razor scooter all day to keep an eye on everything. We filled our cars with the supplies and made our way to the City of Industry where Sean had graciously allowed us to use the Purist HQ as the venue for the launch event.

Lerry: "Uhhh yeah, right there is fine" Phil: "Good! Cause im not moving again"

Caroline and Vic hanging the fresh laundry

Professional drivers are good at parking cars too

I was definitely saying something important...

 At our arrival the Purist HQ was empty and ready for the Skyline Syndicate takeover. Sean was up and ready to get things going as soon as we pulled open the gate. Not long after our arrival, Will showed up to lend a hand and provide some event saving equipment. Being the rookies that we were, we had planned to use our mismatched sets of walkie-talkies to communicate with each other. After experiencing annoying technical difficulties, Will kindly lent us his set of Baofeng radios. They were definitely a savior! 

Sean, Lerry, supportive law enforcement, and Will

The event was more than just a booth and a parking lot filled with great cars. There were vendors on display, a food truck (Shaken Ramen), raffles, and even a coloring station for the kids(thanks Jacko!). Encouraging community support, we also collected donations to contribute to the memorial efforts of a recent fallen member of local law enforcement.

The kids loved coloring the Skylines

 Jacko - The genius behind the Skyline coloring sheets

Thumbs up to those who donated!

 As the afternoon went by, more and more people came by to show their support. It was only a matter of time until I would hear on the radio: "we're running low on some sizes...". So what did I do? I drove all the way back to our HQ in Irvine and grabbed all of our remaining inventory. Traffic was terrible. Both ways.

Brendan was very happy to be relieved from his parking lot duties

 Lerry explains that Philz Coffee is for hipsters

Nothing beats child and dog friendly events

For some, the celebration was only a few miles away, and for others, it meant hours of time sitting in planes. A byproduct of the passion shared among Skyline enthusiasts, the Skyline Syndicate is an idea of community and lifestyle of those from all facets of life. Whether it was to help the event, capture content, or simply attend, we're extremely thankful for everyone who came out. Seeing everyone's positive response and feedback for the Skyline Syndicate has inspired us and we're hopeful for more people join us as we build something to celebrate the Legacy Skylines. Now, to announce what we've got coming up...

- Jay @ Skyline Syndicate